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Aerogel UK Limited is a manufacturer of aerogel coatings and supplier of a wide range of aerogel super insulation products. We are dedicated to the distribution and sale of high quality aerogel thin insulation products worldwide.

Silica aerogel blankets have been in wide spread use for about ten years. Up until now the cost of production has been high and its use has therefore been restricted to specialised insulation within industry - for example lagging pipes in petrochemical plants.

There are now many different types of aerogel insulation available and the cost of production is coming down with the advent of mass production by a few specialised manufacturers.

Our aerogel coating is manufactured in the UK and we offer a consultancy service which enables your company to develop the coating that is just right for your application.

We supply a complete range of Aerogel Internal Wall Insulation systems for the retrofit of heritage buildings as well as new buildings where space is critical.

Aerogel UK is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of aerogel insulation - paving the way for aerogel to become a widespread material in the home and industry.

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